What I am up to these days…

Right now two films that I have speaking roles in are being presented at the Cannes Film Festival and Market. They are Darkstone Entertainment’s Plan 9 and Troma Entertainment’s newest production Occupy Cannes. But I haven’t checked in for a while, so I’ll overview what is up with my life, starting back in February…


In mid February I was a guest at Mysticon, Roanoke, Virginia’s premiere film festival and convention (click the above photos to see them larger). I spoke on some panels, and a film I co-produced and had a speaking role in, Plan 9, screened to hundreds of people, was very well received and won awards. Another movie, my third feature film as a writer/director/producer/composer/editor and star, titled ‘Rednecks,’ screened there to a decent audience as well.

In between spending a lot of time with his two sons, Rowan, age 7, and Ivan, age 4, John started a band with his good friend David Frost (on guitar) and his little sister Tayza on drums. The band is called Animals From Outerspace. As of today they have 12 original songs. The first they already went into the studio and recorded, as well as John produced a music video for it. You can see their first song here: “Perfect Girl.”

John and his band Animals From Outerspace are planning on going into the studio this June (2014) to record their first full album of 11 songs (12, including the already recorded “Perfect Girl.”) over the Summer and Fall John is planning on producing and directing all 11 original music videos for these original songs. and over the remainder of 2014 John’s plans are to continue with his band Animals From Outerspace, playing live shows and pressing a physical album of their music as well as producing a feature length DVD of all of their music videos and their best live show(s) as well as interview or behind the scenes and other footage. You can see video footage of Animals From Outerspace rehearsing their songs here.

That’s it for now! I wish everyone the best for this summer and the remainder of 2014!


John Angel

Recent news!

Check out my ABOUT page, I updated my bio.  Also, I was just informally told by a decent sized convention and film festival that I was accepted as a guest!  I am very excited about this but won’t make an announcement until it is official.  Not much else going on entertainment industry wise…  oh yeah, you can now buy my first feature film Crazy Animal for only $5 online!  And a new feature film that I act in with my friend Bjarni Gautur, or actually I play myself in, you can check the status of it here, it is almost done I believe, they are still editing it:  Occupy Cannes.  And I may in the next few weeks start an official store to sell two of my unreleased feature films, The Vampires of Zanzibar and Rednecks, as well as two other DVD compilations of music videos and short films and more.  I will have at least 4-5 feature length films or compilation feature films of my best produced original content.  I feel that is quite an accomplishment, personally.  I made every last detail of these films, made most of the music, sound design, everything.  As for my Youtube page, I have plenty of other ideas for skits, music videos and such.  But I think my next two videos will be an official REEL of my work as a filmmaker/actor, and another video of my funny voice mail messages, part 2.  In other entertainment news, was happy to see that Hollywood big budget movie writer/director has followed me on Google Plus, James Gunn!

In the meantime, things with my kids are going great, they are advanced in their studies for their age, both homeschooled.  They are having a great time with life and so am I!  I am just very grateful to have my mental and physical health as well as that of my loved ones.  That’s it for now.  My love goes out to the people of the Philippines, and goodnight!  :)

What’s new…

Now I am working on getting my second and third feature films distributed:  The Vampires of Zanzibar and Rednecks.  I may just self-distribute so I keep at least some of the money.  Also, I am working full time now on my Youtube page, starting today.   Now that i have had time to rest after producing and doing all post production on Rednecks, I think I am ready to produce more music/filmmaking/acting stuff for my Youtube page(s).  I may start making one video a day or may just do two videos a week, or both on two separate channels, not sure yet, but I am going to be working at it at least full time now, that is the plan to see if this will get me success.  Check out my main Youtube page to see what I am doing!   www.Youtube.com/johneeeee   or, here is my second Youtube channel, that I may change the name to “John Angel- Daily Videos!”  https://www.youtube.com/user/truthaboutthisworld

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