My all new feature film parody Brokeback Mountain 2!

I just completed a narrative feature film parody released to the public on Youtube July, 23 2020. This is a really fun, funny, entertaining feature film for you to enjoy and has a good message to follow Christ. I may submit this film to film festivals and other screenings in the future. For now it is available to watch in its entirety without having to download, Brokeback Mountain 2: The Feature Film. You can watch it now for free on Youtube!

I found God and Jesus more than any other time in my life

Some time in 2019 I found God and Jesus, not just most of the emphasis on God as I had believed before, but now really embracing Jesus and understanding the real importance of following God’s word as is told to us in scripture in The Holy Bible, both the New Testament and Old Testament. It is really important to understand and believe in Jesus, not just God to figure out how to not be tricked by the devil literally. I could write more and more about it but just got done doing a lot of videos about it and am exhausted at the end of the night, having just gotten better from Covid-19. So I need my rest and can only reiterate that being alive is about kindness to others, namely giving one’s life’s purpose to God and Jesus instead of serving one’s distorted, wrong, illusion of selfish goals and desires which are generally not there to help others and not serving God and Jesus’s plan. We should give our purpose in life to God and Jesus and do what he wants us to with his life, and not worry about as many earthly things like being so selfish that it hurts othersm, things like pursuing a career as a number one priority or being famous or being rich or other pleasures or seeking power for the sake of power on earth more than the well being of your loved ones. It is never right to hurt others. Kindness to others is what life is all about, and when you are kind to others you get kindness back in return. I really ask you think back to anything good you know about God and Jesus that you remember, and any time you think of a Bible passage or a prayer or anything you learned and have a question about it… look it up on Google, look up the scripture and read more about it and see what Jesus wants for you. I also understand that some non-religious people are able to get into Heaven by their good deeds and kindness to others and sinning less than some devout Christians. However, it is very difficult, and these people often get misled. I was once misled, and its like being in teh dark, and all you have to do is turn on the lights and start walking around this new place you never knew before that is way better, whereas before you were living life for the wrong things. There were a lot of things that hurt me when I was younger that I did not realize what it was and acted wrongly because I did not understand what I was seeing or how I was being tricked or tempted by Satan. Satan is the most powerful human on earth, discovered genetic manipulation long ago to stay alive since the dawning of mankind, how he keeps people alive down inside the earth in a very real hell. But God is everywhere, omniscient, sees and knows everything that is happening everywhere. He is infinitely more powerful than the devil. The devil tries to lead people astray and trick them into thinking everyone else is mean and sins a lot so you may as well too. The devil tries to trick us into thinking we have to look a certain way or dress a certain way or have a a lot of money or the newest cool car or newest cool house or a cool expensive house or expensive new things or to look in better shape than others or be better than others, when God is the only one to judge who gets into Heaven. That worldly stuff is all an illusion. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. Some of it is okay if it makes you happy and if you work hard to do some things or get some things that make you happy, then that’s okay. But happiness is really being kind to others and having close loved ones there for one another. I have my children and their mom and my parents and sisters and other family and friends, and I keep in touch with them as best I can, often through the internet or phone every day. I have some videos on Christianity and God and Jesus, go to, and look up “John Birmingham God Jesus.”. Or check this video out on me talking about The Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Anyway, I am gonna go. Check out my video on How I beat Coronavirus. May God and Jesus be with you all. Amen. -John Birmingham

My updated biography

Okay, here’s a short biography of me as of Feb. 2018. A video I conceived and star in has over 46 million views online! “Rowan is Terrified of Ronald McDonald!” In December it was getting a million views every few days. It has only been up just over a year. My feature film Crazy Animal was rated the #939 most popular movie of its time by the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). I wrote and started to film and star in Crazy Animal at just 25 years old, was filmed on custom built movie sets on a sound stage, expensive Los Angeles locations, a full union crew for a week or more of filming, with a real movie trailer rented, filming permits, filmed in Panavision and Arriflex 35mm motion picture film and also had a celebrity act in it who was transported to set with a limousine, not to mention the other actors and crew have been very successful in movies like me, one of the cinematographers is CEO of Bolex, the actresses include a former Miss Norway and others like the mother of my children Danica DeCosto who has nearly 300 million views on Youtube and 400,000 subscribers, many other successful actors in the movie including scream queen Brinke Stevens, owner of Troma Entertainement Lloyd Kaufman and Ron Jeremy just on that one movie, my first feature film. I also have starred in or directed movies with Ed Asner, Pauly Shore and dozens of other celebrities or successful entertainment professionals who are my friends (Sylvia Browne, Brandon DiCamillo, Eerie Von and many others). I have been a filmmaker and actor since 1987 (as a child), so it has taken a long time. Here is a video of some of my films from childhood and up to 2001 if you want to see how long I have been at this, one of them an award winning, larger budget short film that I built and designed sets for and filmed in Arri 35mm in Los Angeles, Imagination, which was an experimental art film I co-wrote and produced in 2000, that our friend and now successful composer Kurt Oldman composed and conducted a union orchestra we hired and rented a recording studio to record the original score for Imagination. Kurt Oldman also created all the original sound and sound design on that film. Next I produced and edited Danica’s second higher budget short film, Tir Nan Og, which won a Young Artist Award in 2002, alongside nearly all other studio movies. Danica attended and shared the stage with Shia LeBeouf and won awards alongside Frankie Muniz and Rupert Grint of Harry Potter. Since then I have pages of stuff like that on my resume, including not just the one feature film I mentioned above but 3 musical feature films as a writer, director, producer, composer, editor and star, more than 40 original music videos with songs I mostly wrote, produced and recorded myself, hundreds of original songs and thousands of videos. I taught myself everything I know about post production with the exception of what I learned in theory in film school. I actually wrote and animated a short film that was featured on The Slamdance Film Festival’s homepage of their website, Willis. This video shows my earlier work (1987-2001), and you can see my personal Youtube channel at So, if you look at it that way, I have been a filmmaker for more than 30 years, since I was 9 years old. Also, my greatest accomplishments, the people in my life who are the only real timeless things I have helped to bring into this world, have been the birth of my two sons, Rowan and Ivan. They are more important to me than anything I have ever done in art, film or music. And a cool thing about them is that they star in videos on their mother’s Youtube channel, which has near 300,000 subscribers and near 400 million views as of February 2018. Their “Rowan is Terrified of Ronald McDonald” that I conceived in and starred in is their most popular video. My newest feature film that I wrote, directed, produced, composed and star in is called Rednecks and will be available on Blu-Ray from Troma Entertainment this April 10th. You can see hte trailers and previews for my movie Rednecks at My movies have been in video stores in every U.S. state, for sale in Border’s Books and Walmart physical locations, as well as pretty much most stores where movies are sold online, also Netflix, Amazon, and at one time my name was on the back of the movie box art as Production Designer in Hollywood Video stores everywhere when the store was in business, which was more than a decade ago, and I have accomplished much mores since then. I was a working Production Designer in Los Angeles for a while, working for Full Moon Pictures and other independent films. Through my work for about ten years in real estate I was able to buy a special home that needed saving, a house that was the greatest work of art ever created by a famous artist, took him 7 years to build. When I bought it it said in the listing it had 6000 square feet, and potentially it has 12 bedrooms and sits on 9 acres in a decent location, and besides how it looks on paper, this home is actually perfect for me. It was built as an art school, called “The Art School,” which was kind of meant to be for me, beacuse I had taught my children how to be great at art and was taught art by my grandmother who was an amazing artist and art teacher who taught me starting at childhood. I had to literally work on it night and day though to get it even in livable enough condition. With hard work I restored it and am living in it. Not to mention, been guest at conventions, film festivals, won awards with my films, had my films attend over 100 film festivals and special screening worldwide (including Fantasporto Oporto, The Cannes Film Market and Hull’s Drive-in more recently with a film I co-produced Deadlines). Also, I have degrees from two of the best film schools, a BA from LMU in Communications, with a concentration in Screenwriting, and an MFA in Film Production from Chapman University. I could go on and on… So I feel like I have accomplished a lot, so many other movies and credits on my resume that would be pages long if I listed them here. I may get down on myself sometimes because I haven’t earned a lot of money in film, but I have worked hard to a do a lot so far and after many many years it is finally starting to pay off. It was only recently that I learned the value of relaxing here and there. But yeah, that’s like a lot of my biography and resume summed up right there. And it just makes me happy to like sometimes not work and think back on all I have done and feel like I have kind of done enough so far. I am happy that I worked hard when I didn’t really feel like it. Like, you don’t have to feel perfectly happy all the time, it doesn’t have to be ideal. The point is doing it whenever you can, taking those steps and going out on a limb here and there when the limb looks strong enough to get better at what you do, to take it to the next level. And yeah, so I am happy that I have done something in life… but I have found that it is also way more important to have healthy relationships and get along with people you are close to and to do whatever it takes (aside from meanness or unnecessary negativity) to feel happy sometimes, to step back and not work so hard, to learn to just be happy with where you are. I could have done that 20 years ago and felt okay with whatever level of success I had then (20 years ago I was working as a Production Assistant and set decorator on a big Hollywood Indy Movie with Mike Myers, Jeanine Garofalo, Margaret Cho, by Mitch Rouse, called Nobody Knows Anything, and I had already wrote, directed, starred in and produced a lot of videos and attended college at Virginia Tech, Radford University, had an associates degree and attended many other colleges and universities, had written, performed and produced original songs, played live on stages and in bands in Roanoke, VA and in Los Angeles. Gosh, there I go again noting all the cool accomplishments I have done in my life! The idea I am trying to get to is to enjoy it as you go and not always work all the time). However, since then I have worked even harder at film and music to get to a place where I know how to do every job on a film set, above and below the line, both technically and creatively all myself, except for 3D animation, which, as a producer, director, or Post Production Supervisor I would hire out that one job anyway, or hire out all the jobs if I was just producing or executive producing. I am a screenwriter with 3 self-produced screenplays, not to mention many other feature films, tv shows and short films I have written, dozens actually. And Screenwriting is just one job on a movie set, not to mention I write, record all myself, engineer, produce, mix and master and perform all of my own original music and play every major rock and roll instrument, including excellent at singing …amazing at acting and voice over, incredibly funny and entertaining characters I have also created based upon my abilities as an actor. I was trained as an actor at Roanoke College for a thesis level acting class (also took a thesis level jazz drumming class). But the idea is that I can be very, very comfortable now with all of this experience in nearly any above the line film job (actor, producer, director, writer). So I think I think after all that work and also learning how to enjoy it as I go and relax when appropriate I am looking forward a lot to working on even bigger movies, bigger budgets, more actual money earning from my movies and ability in the arts. I mean, all of this sounds great like I have a huge resume with famous people on it and real movies I wrote, directed, starred in or co-produced, like Plan 9, the official remake of Ed Wood’s classic Plan 9 From Outerspace that I co-produced and acted in. However, I am not earning a lot of money from my films right now. And even though I earned some in real estate I am not a millionaire, and would definitely like to be. I don’t have cool cars, though that would be cool. My house is not fixed up really nice yet, but it could one day if I work hard at it. So its like, there’s always someone or many others who will be better than you (I know a lot of them who are rich or very successful, and being friends with them makes it so that you can compare yourself in certain ways to their particular types of success and easily get down on yourself if they have achieved a lot…). Its like a glass half empty or glass half full type of thing, all depending on how happy you are by how you choose to look at it. There will always be others, also in the people you know who either have more money, are in better shape or are more attractive. If you stay just constantly working trying to better yourself you will never be able to enjoy where you are and what you have already achieved. Most of those people are always working very hard to have the results that you see… yet these people may not actually be happy. There are some people who get by fine on $700/month, and others who have millions and never stop working, never seem to be happy enough. Instead of working more at their own health they are so caught up in thinking that things have to be a certain way, feeling bad if they think of someone who has more money than them or looks better or whatever it is. And I fell into that a lot, though I have made health a priority as an actor who has to be presentable in front of camera. But instead of constantly working to better yourself, isn’t it just way better to simply be happy and kind of relax and enjoy a beautiful day and just not have to work so hard… and more importantly, to spend quality time with loved ones when you can. …or just doing what makes you happy. Like now it is in the 70s outside and I am not worried about working or planning, paying bills, accomplishing stuff, which is like, easy to fall into and genuinely believe that you are never doing enough. Wait a second, I have to spellcheck this biography I am working on right now, lol! I mean, yes, that is how most of us accomplish stuff, but its really important to enjoy life and learn to just be happy and not worry no matter what nonsense fear is pushing you or making you think you have to always work harder. You don’t really have to at all. I am sure there are things you have achieved that are in some way, much better than the really successful people you may know. No one can be that good at everything. And there are probably people reading this who have achieved way more than me. So yeah, just stop worrying as much and tell yourself whatever you have to so that you can be happy wherever you are and make those close to you happy.

January 2016 update

In the past year my ex-wife went from being a stay at home mom, who had a life-long dream of being a singer, actress or filmmaker… to finally earning a living on Youtube. This directly affects me, because my two sons Rowan and Ivan are the stars of her videos. It is pretty amazing how hundreds of little girls have a crush on my son Rowan, people recognize him when they go around town. They have the Elf on The Shelf videos and you can find them on Youtube by searching “Danica” or “Rowan.” Or, here is a direct link to their page: My sons and Danica’s Youtube Channel!

In the past year I was a guest with my two sons at a decent sized horror convention that my good friend Derek Young put on.Guests in attendance were Kane Hodder (Jason in many of the Friday the 13th movies), Mark Torgl (the original Melvin who got turned into The Toxic Avenger) and many other celebrities and also filmmaker friends I know from around Virginia.
Martinsville Horrorfest sign- BEST PIC- IMG_1289



MVI_2772- Robin Watkins

MVI_2772- Mark Torgl at the convention

MVI_2772- John Johnson and Johne Creature From The Black Lagoon

MVI_2772- John and Mark Torgl

Mark Torgl and John shake hands

Mark Torgl and John shake hands- best

My children and I were guests at this horror convention put on by my good friend Derek Young.
My children and I were guests at this horror convention put on by my good friend Derek Young.



Also, my sons got even better at art! Here is some new art my sons created recently:

My son Rowan pictured here with his new BB-8 (Star Wars) painting done all himself..  The next four drawings are my 6 year old Ivan's





While on the subject of art, some time in the past year I got the opportunity to paint my first painting since I was a teenager! Check out the video:
How To Paint a Brilliant Painting- by John Birmingham

Here are some more pics of family:

My son doing a stunt jumping off the deck into snow that can be seen on his Youtube page if you search "Rowan Birmingham."
My son doing a stunt jumping off the deck into snow that can be seen on his Youtube page if you search “Rowan Birmingham.”


My son Rowan's painting.
My son Rowan’s painting.
My son Ivan's painting.
My son Ivan’s painting.









Ivan's drawing.
Ivan’s drawing.
My 9 year old Rowan's drawing.
My 9 year old Rowan’s drawing.

Check out some of the close to 100 videos I have uploaded to my Youtube page since my last website update!

My Youtube Channel!

-John Birmingham

Recent news!

My new band Animals From Outerspace has just recorded about 14 new songs and are about to release the album, available for download on iTunes and other stores. I sing and play bass guitar, as well as co-produced the album with Matthew Shively. David Frost wrote about half of the melodies and is the guitarist, and Matt was the studio drummer.

Also, great news, I have just finished producing/directing 7 original MUSIC VIDEOS for these songs! I am about to start editing “Vampires Rise,” any day now, and we have completed and released, in order starting with the newest:

Old Dead Skeleton Idjiots,”

Child of Mine,”


I Love Mayonnaise,”

Wee Wee Sherman

and “Perfect Girl.”

You can view all of these music videos on my Youtube Channel (or, if you are in Roanoke and have Cox cable, you can see some of the videos on Channel 2, on “John Angel TV,” Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 10PM).

Here are some pics from some of the music videos I have been doing:





Wee Wee Sherman Youtube picBEST

Danica and Wee Wee Sherman pic for Youtube copy

Vegannaise eating club pic

Veganaise for Youtube-Brandy-BEST!!-low res

Brandy smacking ass for Youtube pic!

Veganaise for Youtube- Best (old film) final



In other news, I have an acting role in a new mocumentary about the actor who played the original Toxic Avenger, the character “Melvin” who transformed into the Toxic Avenger. The film is titled Toxic Tutu, directed by Joe Nardelli and starring Mark Torgl. My scenes will be filming in Martinsville at my good friend Derek Young’s house the weekend of August 23rd, 2014. I will be acting opposite my good friend and actor Jeremy Ambler. Also, co-producing this shoot is Derek Young. David Frost will be in the scenes as well.

Also, I have lost 40 pounds of fat after lowering a far too heavy dose of psychiatric meds, also working very hard to diet and exercise. So I am feeling great!



I am also helping out my two sons with their new Youtube page. You can click here to check out Rowan Birmingham’s Youtube Channel.

If you include all of the videos I have been producing for Youtube the past month and a half, even behind the scenes videos like this one for “Wee Wee Sherman,” I am producing videos at the rate of about 100 videos per year (50 of those music videos)! Godwilling, I really hope to keep up this pace of creating amazing art…

That’s it for now. I have a long list of many other original parodies and song ideas for a second album from our band Animals From Outerspace, about to get started writing/practicing those now, in between work on producing/directing/editing these great new music videos, working my real estate job to pay bills… and of course, most importantly, leaving plenty of time to spend with family.

My 4 year old son Ivan’s newest original art:


Here are the next music videos I intend to produce/direct/edit/star in next:


“Reanimated Corpses”

“Creature From The Black Lagoon”


“Erasing You” (This one is 100% written by David Frost, not just the guitar, but also all the lyrics).

“Buff at 79″

Anyway, thanks so much everyone! Peace be with you.


John Birmingham
John Angel on Facebook

What I am up to these days…

Right now two films that I have speaking roles in are being presented at the Cannes Film Festival and Market. They are Darkstone Entertainment’s Plan 9 and Troma Entertainment’s newest production Occupy Cannes. But I haven’t checked in for a while, so I’ll overview what is up with my life, starting back in February…


In mid February I was a guest at Mysticon, Roanoke, Virginia’s premiere film festival and convention (click the above photos to see them larger). I spoke on some panels, and a film I co-produced and had a speaking role in, Plan 9, screened to hundreds of people, was very well received and won awards. Another movie, my third feature film as a writer/director/producer/composer/editor and star, titled ‘Rednecks,’ screened there to a decent audience as well.

In between spending a lot of time with his two sons, Rowan, age 7, and Ivan, age 4, John started a band with his good friend David Frost (on guitar) and his little sister Tayza on drums. The band is called Animals From Outerspace. As of today they have 12 original songs. The first they already went into the studio and recorded, as well as John produced a music video for it. You can see their first song here: “Perfect Girl.”

John and his band Animals From Outerspace are planning on going into the studio this June (2014) to record their first full album of 11 songs (12, including the already recorded “Perfect Girl.”) over the Summer and Fall John is planning on producing and directing all 11 original music videos for these original songs. and over the remainder of 2014 John’s plans are to continue with his band Animals From Outerspace, playing live shows and pressing a physical album of their music as well as producing a feature length DVD of all of their music videos and their best live show(s) as well as interview or behind the scenes and other footage. You can see video footage of Animals From Outerspace rehearsing their songs here.

That’s it for now! I wish everyone the best for this summer and the remainder of 2014!


John Angel

Recent news!

Check out my ABOUT page, I updated my bio.  Also, I was just informally told by a decent sized convention and film festival that I was accepted as a guest!  I am very excited about this but won’t make an announcement until it is official.  Not much else going on entertainment industry wise…  oh yeah, you can now buy my first feature film Crazy Animal for only $5 online!  And a new feature film that I act in with my friend Bjarni Gautur, or actually I play myself in, you can check the status of it here, it is almost done I believe, they are still editing it:  Occupy Cannes.  And I may in the next few weeks start an official store to sell two of my unreleased feature films, The Vampires of Zanzibar and Rednecks, as well as two other DVD compilations of music videos and short films and more.  I will have at least 4-5 feature length films or compilation feature films of my best produced original content.  I feel that is quite an accomplishment, personally.  I made every last detail of these films, made most of the music, sound design, everything.  As for my Youtube page, I have plenty of other ideas for skits, music videos and such.  But I think my next two videos will be an official REEL of my work as a filmmaker/actor, and another video of my funny voice mail messages, part 2.  In other entertainment news, was happy to see that Hollywood big budget movie writer/director has followed me on Google Plus, James Gunn!

In the meantime, things with my kids are going great, they are advanced in their studies for their age, both homeschooled.  They are having a great time with life and so am I!  I am just very grateful to have my mental and physical health as well as that of my loved ones.  That’s it for now.  My love goes out to the people of the Philippines, and goodnight!  :)

What’s new…

Now I am working on getting my second and third feature films distributed:  The Vampires of Zanzibar and Rednecks.  I may just self-distribute so I keep at least some of the money.  Also, I am working full time now on my Youtube page, starting today.   Now that i have had time to rest after producing and doing all post production on Rednecks, I think I am ready to produce more music/filmmaking/acting stuff for my Youtube page(s).  I may start making one video a day or may just do two videos a week, or both on two separate channels, not sure yet, but I am going to be working at it at least full time now, that is the plan to see if this will get me success.  Check out my main Youtube page to see what I am doing!   or, here is my second Youtube channel, that I may change the name to “John Angel- Daily Videos!”

John Angel's Official Website