I found God and Jesus more than any other time in my life

Some time in 2019 I found God and Jesus, not just most of the emphasis on God as I had believed before, but now really embracing Jesus and understanding the real importance of following God’s word as is told to us in scripture in The Holy Bible, both the New Testament and Old Testament. It is really important to understand and believe in Jesus, not just God to figure out how to not be tricked by the devil literally. I could write more and more about it but just got done doing a lot of videos about it and am exhausted at the end of the night, having just gotten better from Covid-19. So I need my rest and can only reiterate that being alive is about kindness to others, namely giving one’s life’s purpose to God and Jesus instead of serving one’s distorted, wrong, illusion of selfish goals and desires which are generally not there to help others and not serving God and Jesus’s plan. We should give our purpose in life to God and Jesus and do what he wants us to with his life, and not worry about as many earthly things like being so selfish that it hurts othersm, things like pursuing a career as a number one priority or being famous or being rich or other pleasures or seeking power for the sake of power on earth more than the well being of your loved ones. It is never right to hurt others. Kindness to others is what life is all about, and when you are kind to others you get kindness back in return. I really ask you think back to anything good you know about God and Jesus that you remember, and any time you think of a Bible passage or a prayer or anything you learned and have a question about it… look it up on Google, look up the scripture and read more about it and see what Jesus wants for you. I also understand that some non-religious people are able to get into Heaven by their good deeds and kindness to others and sinning less than some devout Christians. However, it is very difficult, and these people often get misled. I was once misled, and its like being in teh dark, and all you have to do is turn on the lights and start walking around this new place you never knew before that is way better, whereas before you were living life for the wrong things. There were a lot of things that hurt me when I was younger that I did not realize what it was and acted wrongly because I did not understand what I was seeing or how I was being tricked or tempted by Satan. Satan is the most powerful human on earth, discovered genetic manipulation long ago to stay alive since the dawning of mankind, how he keeps people alive down inside the earth in a very real hell. But God is everywhere, omniscient, sees and knows everything that is happening everywhere. He is infinitely more powerful than the devil. The devil tries to lead people astray and trick them into thinking everyone else is mean and sins a lot so you may as well too. The devil tries to trick us into thinking we have to look a certain way or dress a certain way or have a a lot of money or the newest cool car or newest cool house or a cool expensive house or expensive new things or to look in better shape than others or be better than others, when God is the only one to judge who gets into Heaven. That worldly stuff is all an illusion. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. Some of it is okay if it makes you happy and if you work hard to do some things or get some things that make you happy, then that’s okay. But happiness is really being kind to others and having close loved ones there for one another. I have my children and their mom and my parents and sisters and other family and friends, and I keep in touch with them as best I can, often through the internet or phone every day. I have some videos on Christianity and God and Jesus, go to http://www.Youtube.com, and look up “John Birmingham God Jesus.”. Or check this video out on me talking about The Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Anyway, I am gonna go. Check out my video on How I beat Coronavirus. May God and Jesus be with you all. Amen. -John Birmingham

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