A simple Google search for “John Birmingham” will show up plenty of websites about John. Just make sure to ignore the other guy, bestselling novelist John Birmingham, haha.  Or you can look up his credits here on the Internet Movie Database. Starting in summer of 2014, John has put aside feature filmmaking to concentrate on Youtube videos. Most of his videos can be found on his main Youtube page: www.Youtube.com/Johneeeee

John Birmingham has been a filmmaker for 18 years, 8 of those years spent in Los Angeles honing his craft.  He has produced three feature films as a Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Composer/Star.   One is out now everywhere online and in some physical stores through Troma Entertainment, called Crazy Animal starring John and Ron Jeremy playing John’s father.  His second feature film as an auteur is The Vampires of Zanzibar, currently seeking distribution but for now is available to watch free on Youtube.  The movie and related trailers and clips have received over 300,000 views online.  The Vampires of Zanzibar stars John and has roles by Brandon DiCamillo and Chris Raab of MTV’s Viva La Bam and Jackass, as well as Samhain/Danzig’s original bass player Eerie Von.  John’s Youtube Videos currently have millions of views, videos such as ‘Toddler Sees Ghost’ (over 1,500,000 views),  ‘How to Paint your car wheels black’ and more than 200 other music videos, movie trailers, short films and reality videos. 

Back in 2000, just graduating film school from LMU, John produced two beautiful short films both shot on film, Imagination and Tir Nan Og. Both films played dozens of international film festivals, some very high end like Fantasporto Oporto in Portugal for example, both winning awards, Tir Nan Og winning a prestigious Young Artist Award in 2002 alongside other award recipients such as Rupert Grint, Frankie Muniz and mostly studio films and television.   Imagination was filmed on 35mm film and finished on multiple 35mm prints. John graduated Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles with his BA in Communications/Screenwriting in 2000, and went on to be a working Los Angeles Production Designer on various feature length and short films, mostly independent, two of them, Stitches and Horrorvision were produced by Full Moon Pictures and available in Hollywood Video at the time.  John’s film Rebel Fish that he Wrote/Directed/Produced and Composed has a voice over at the beginning by Pauly Shore and was released in video stores nation wide.  A PSA for National Endowment For The Arts directed by Justin Jagoda, starring John, features voice over by Ed Asner.  John later graduated with his MFA in film production from Chapman University in 2005 where he was taught by Academy Award nominated director Peter Medak and fortunate enough to have Arnold Schwarzaneggar, Steven Spielberg and other entertainment moguls on campus while John was attending Chapman.  Chapman University is currently ranked by The Hollywood Reporter the #7 film school of today.  It was truly a dreamlike and great experience for John to attend a real film school at a time when he was still in his mid twenties.  He produced his first feature film while at Chapman, Crazy Animal, shot on Arri and Panavision 35mm as well as DV.  Also at Chapman, he made his first music video, “Meant To Be,” shot on 16mm film, every detail of the original song and all post production by John himself.  Both Meant To Be and Crazy Animal played various film festivals in Los Angeles and around the United States, before Crazy Animal was distributed in stores everywhere online and in Borders Books locations.

Some of the newest projects John is working on are the official remake of Plan 9 From Outerspace titled ‘Plan 9′ by Darkstone Entertainment and Co-Produced by John Angel, with a cameo role by John.  Also, John has a cameo role in Occupy Cannes, the brand new documentary from Troma Entertainment.  And John cameos as well in many of his friends’ feature films like Tracy Lee Staton’s Deadlines (which he is a Producer on) and John Johnson’s Skeleton Key IV (which he is a Co-producer on).  John’s newest and third feature film as a Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Composer/Lead is called ‘Rednecks,’ which is being released some time 2014/2015 by Echelon Studios as well as his second feature film The Vampires of Zanzibar. Here is Rednecks’ official website: www.RednecksMovie.com.

As of January 2016, John Birmingham has two sons, aged 9 and 6, Rowan and Ivan Birmingham, who have appeared in some of John’s films.  Rowan and Ivan are by far John’s greatest accomplishments.

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